Brainspotting - Front-end Developer(Data Science area)

Front-end Developer(Data Science area)


22 Jun 2020


31 Dec 2020

Javascript, Vue



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  Our client department supports the Asset Management group with real estate intelligence through data acquisition, data science, machine learning expertise and product development such as:

● Using various technique such as natural language processing, Image Recognition, Machine Learning and Deep learning we enrich the real estate’s assets for clients 
● Using advanced analytics, ML and AI build a full digital identity of thousands of assets in a portfolio with a view of maximizing the return on those assets
● Product development: we are full software house equipped with designers, front-end, back-end, data and machine learning engineers dedicated to build bespoke GIS - ML - Real Estate analytical platforms
● Finance and loans: prediction and simulation 
● Data: sales, asking and rent prices, property images and attributed, POIs, economical and demo-socio
● Technology: Google Cloud Platform, Big Query, Golang, Python, BigQuery, Tensorflow, Spark, Flink, Firebase, Vue.js, Flutter, Material Design

  Our client's Data Science team is seeking talented Developer who are interested in expanding their technical skills. 

  Position primary focus is to implement the UX/UI design into code for our innovative data and machine learning driven products around finance and real estate. 
Positioned on the frontier of innovation process along, it is critical to be able to communicate with fellow engineers, to interpret data visually so some statistical - analytical concepts is nice to have. In addition, some geospatial experience or interest is a bonus.


We are looking for motivated and driven individual on any stage of career development and experience level as long as you are a team player and have sound technical skills.
As a member of the Data Science team, you will be responsible for implementing UX and UI designs, prototyping and analytical graphics visualising our data within product development process. 
As a member of the design and front-end engineering team, hands on, vue.js and flutter design-based code changes will be required. 


● Implement design into code
● Rapid prototype designs coming out of ML and Data Science insights

Competențe necesare

JavaScript, Vue



● Analytics Visualisation - able to represent data visually
● Coding: some applied knowledge of basic algorithms and JavaScript
● Experience with a component-based framework such as Vue.js, React, or Angular.
● Strong analytical and excellent problem-solving skills
● Team Player:  embrace constructive criticism and ability to learn - adapt

Highly desirable:

● Previous experience in real estate or/and maps 
● Eager to learn and hungry to progress



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