Brainspotting - A full report of the IT talent market in RO

A full report of the IT talent market in RO


01 Jul 2020


01 Feb 2021

Aap, Abacus, Educational Institutes, Returns




Find out all about the talent structure, comp & ben and employment behavior of the Romanian IT talent market.


What you'll learn in this report:

What is the structure of the market in terms of the most important skills

Who are the main competitors for talent in each of the seven IT hubs

What is the potential of Moldova [Rep. of] to sustain stable IT teams

What are the salary structures and most offered benefits

Where is the general employment behavior and what do you need to do to attract talent in Romania


Competențe necesare

AAP, Abacus, Educational Institutes, Returns


Insights for the IT talent in Romania

Venit: Confidențial

Poziționare în organizație

Departament: It Software

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