Brainspotting is the leading ITC recruitment agency in Romania

You have great recruitment plans and you want to move swiftly in a competitive market. You need to understand how to scope your recruitment, what to expect in terms of talent availability, salaries or time-to-fill. So you onboard the best talent in the shortest time possible.

Brainspotting is the largest provider of talent for the IT&C and Shared Services industries, operating since 2001. We support clients in building strong centers and teams in the shortest time and easiest way. In previous projects we have hired over 2,000 professionals in over 200 organisations. And we have helped them understand the market better, build solid attraction strategies and packages, and alleviate any barriers in the recruitment process.

We believe the market has enough potential for any plans, what has changed is how we attract and engage talent in the recruitment process. Over 200 clients trusted us with their recruitment and got results quicker than their competition.

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