Areas of Expertise

  • IT - Software Development
  • IT - Database Administration
  • IT - DataWarehouse & BusinessIntelligence

  • IT - Architecture
  • IT - Application Support
  • IT - Design (Graphics)

  • IT - System / Network Administration
  • IT - Management / Project Management
  • IT - Quality Assurance / Testing

  • IT - Business Analysis
  • IT - Consultancy
  • Telecom Engineering

  • IT - Hardware
  • IT - Marketing
  • IT - Sales

  • IT - Business Development
  • Automation
  • Finance

  • Human Resources
  • IT - Audit / Security
  • Office management / Administration

  • IT - Management / Executive Management
  • IT - Team Leading / Coordination
  • IT - SAP Consultancy/Development

Open Jobs

Angular Developer

Create beautiful web products that solve important business problems. Join focused product teams and apply Agile and Lean Software Development methodologies to create solutions with joyous user experiences. Write modular, scalable, testable code that is clean and standards-compliant.

Apply knowledge of cross-browser feature support and rendering quirks to create cross browser/device compatible solutions.


Required Experience and Skills:
o Experience in Typescript, node.js, Angular 2
o Object-oriented JavaScript skills
o Experience using Test-driven development
o Experience with browser performance optimizations is a plus
o Experience with the tools like Git, Jira or similar is a plus

Preferred Experience and Skills:
o Experience in implementing responsive web applications using Typescript, node.js, Angular 2
o In cloud environment
o Ability to advocate for change and innovation even when risks are involved
o Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
o Ability to work with geographically disparate teams