Areas of Expertise

  • IT - Software Development
  • IT - Database Administration
  • IT - DataWarehouse & BusinessIntelligence

  • IT - Architecture
  • IT - Application Support
  • IT - Design (Graphics)

  • IT - System / Network Administration
  • IT - Management / Project Management
  • IT - Quality Assurance / Testing

  • IT - Business Analysis
  • IT - Consultancy
  • Telecom Engineering

  • IT - Hardware
  • IT - Marketing
  • IT - Sales

  • IT - Business Development
  • Automation
  • Finance

  • Human Resources
  • IT - Audit / Security
  • Office management / Administration

  • IT - Management / Executive Management
  • IT - Team Leading / Coordination
  • IT - SAP Consultancy/Development

Open Jobs

Product Owner with Senior Developer Experience


What if you could shape the future of work and be part of the team that creates the digital workforce of tomorrow, by means of robotic process automation? This is a high tech solution made in Romania and sold worldwide. Our clientÂ’s software robots are trained to manipulate applications like human users do. Their customers and partners include PWC, E&Y and many other Fortune 1000 companies. We are profitable and well-funded, following a 30 million USD Series A investment by Accel Partners. This is a perfect moment to have an impact in the fastest growing company in Romania and to experience a Silicon Valley culture in Bucharest.


Like any senior profile product owner youÂ’ll take care of a long list. What you need to deal with is:

brainstorm the list
o research and collect the feedback from users / customers / analytics
o connect the dots
o synthesize large amounts of disparate information
o create cross functional common understanding and align with product team

improve the list
o remove junk
o combine and generate new ideas
o refine and maintain

prioritize the list
o evaluate customer pains
o evaluate value and urgency
o understand tactical versus strategic goals
o align with business strategy

do the list
o functional specifications
o prototyping and coding
o guidance for the development team
o guidance for the tech writing/marketing team

Job Profile Minimum Requirements

Our clientÂ’s platform requires working with and understanding multiple technologies. Platform integrations with the outside world further enrich this palette of technologies. Fulfilling this hybrid role requires high technical, managerial, social and empathic skills.
experience as Senior Software Developer
o API research and prototyping skills
o Understanding of possibilities and the drawbacks of these integrations

experience in Product, Project Management
o communication, customer facing
o collecting feedback and requirements


o Bachelor's/ MasterÂ’s Degree in Computer Science
o Self-starter, proactive, kindness and a positive attitude
o Fluent written and spoken English is mandatory

Some things they offer to you:

o YouÂ’d be part of the strongest enterprise software development team in Romania,
o They are offering flexible working hours in a nice office and free daily premium catering.
o Competitive salary, stock options for the candidate experience, but they believe that working with them to develop a world leading robotics technology is the biggest plus for you.