Areas of Expertise

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  • IT - Database Administration
  • IT - DataWarehouse & BusinessIntelligence

  • IT - Architecture
  • IT - Application Support
  • IT - Design (Graphics)

  • IT - System / Network Administration
  • IT - Management / Project Management
  • IT - Quality Assurance / Testing

  • IT - Business Analysis
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  • Telecom Engineering

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  • IT - SAP Consultancy/Development

Open Jobs

Node.js Software Architect


Lead the development of server-side data management and REST APIs supporting modern network application performance management technologies in a fast paced and agile environment where youÂ’ll be making meaningful contributions day one. The primary software platform runs on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/2012, and newer.


o Responsible for ensuring product features are functionally correct, fully validated, and demonstrably meet specifications
o Work with your team to become best in class in quality, innovation, and time to market while creating the next generation of our clientÂ’s Network Performance Management and Diagnostics (NPMD) platform
o Apply sound engineering principles for highly maintainable and testable software
o Develop with an eye towards high performance and data throughput
o Show a passion for continued learning. Stay abreast of new technology and trends
o Work closely with Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) to facilitate functional software validation

Basic Qualifications:

o BachelorÂ’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent
o 7+ years of relevant work experience
o Minimum 4 years JavaScript development (in the browser, Node.js, or other environments)
o Minimum 3 years Node.js development, including proper use of the module system design
o Minimum 3 years creating and consuming RESTful APIs
o Minimum 1 year creating and consuming JSON data
o Minimum 3 years SQL/NoSQL database and data-modeling experience

Preferred Qualifications:

o Solid understanding of JavaScriptÂ’s prototypal inheritance
o Working knowledge of Express.js, Connect, restify, hapi.js, or other Node.js web server frameworks
o Experience with Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, or other Node.js build/task tools
o Experience with Protobufs (Protocol Buffers) or other binary transfer protocols
o Experience with ZeroMQ (a.k.a. zmq, 0mq, Ømq), AMPQ, or other queuing technologies
o Experience with Swagger (a.k.a. OpenAPI) specifications and related tools
o Experience with Mocha, Jasmine, QUnit, NodeUnit, or other Node.js unit testing frameworks
o Experience writing unit tests with a BDD interface is a plus
o Experience with Lo-Dash or Underscore is a plus
o Experience with Git is a plus
o Working knowledge of HTTP, status codes, packet structuring, etc.
o Knowledge of networking and TCP/IP is beneficial
o A proven ability to initiate and drive forward software development in an Agile development environment
o Experience in debugging and unit testing new code as well as an ability to predict and prevent negative side-effects when modifying existing or legacy code
o Critical thinking and the ability to structure elegant solutions to difficult problems
o A passion for creating, reusing and maintaining well-structured and architected solutions
o The ability to deliver high-performance, customer-focused features
o Working knowledge of multiple data formats, such as XML, JSON, and YAML
o Experience with C/C++ is a plus