Areas of Expertise

  • IT - Software Development
  • IT - Database Administration
  • IT - DataWarehouse & BusinessIntelligence

  • IT - Architecture
  • IT - Application Support
  • IT - Design (Graphics)

  • IT - System / Network Administration
  • IT - Management / Project Management
  • IT - Quality Assurance / Testing

  • IT - Business Analysis
  • IT - Consultancy
  • Telecom Engineering

  • IT - Hardware
  • IT - Marketing
  • IT - Sales

  • IT - Business Development
  • Automation
  • Finance

  • Human Resources
  • IT - Audit / Security
  • Office management / Administration

  • IT - Management / Executive Management
  • IT - Team Leading / Coordination
  • IT - SAP Consultancy/Development

Open Jobs

Java Developer ( Medical Industry)

Our client is a fast-growing health-tech start-up with an award-winning application that provides an on-demand doctor house call service that helps patients request a board-certified, licensed and background-checked doctor to go see them and their family at home. Having a lot of success with this service brings our client a lot of opportunities to scale throughout the entire US.

Project Team: Romanian Team: 5 engineers currently, recruiting approved for 9 more in the upcoming month alone.
Communication Languages: English

Project Description:
They are are being involved progressively in all the engineering areas that this client has with the objective of preparing it for the growth the company has planned and then taking the applications to the next level. They started with DevOps and are building their operations infrastructure. They have a Java team that is getting familiar with the backend work, an iOS engineer that started work on the iOS mobile app, with an Android engineer soon to join the effort on that side. The next step will be to grow the server team and start work on the front end application as well.

Technical Specifications:
• Spring Boot
• Spring MVC
• Web Services based architecture
• Stormpath for authentication for database interaction
• Stripe for credit card transactions
• Amazon SQS for message queues
• Amazon Codecommit as a code repository
• Swagger for API docs
• Puppet for automation
• Jenkins for CI/CD
• Terraform for orchestration
• ReactJS
• iOS
• Android